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SWE Auto Prep owns and operates one of the largest in-house fleets in the industry. This translates into quicker response times, greater flexibility, and much tighter control of transportation costs for our clients. Your picture car, racecar or prototype will travel safely in a secure enclosed transport, fully covered by our cargo insurance policy while in transit and attended by an experienced driver. All transports are DOT compliant and are licensed to travel throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

We have one of the largest fleets of enclosed carriers in the car prep industry. When required, SWE Auto Prep can rely on longstanding cooperative arrangements with outside vendors to supply equipment and manpower. The SWE Auto Prep fleet includes the following equipment:

  • (4) 5-car enclosed semi-tractor/trailer units. One of these units is equipped with an elevator door to accommodate very low ground clearance vehicles, race cars, exotics, and antiques.
  • (2) 3-car enclosed transporters
  • (2) 2-car enclosed transporters
  • (4) 1-car enclosed transporters
  • (2) Open single car trailers (used when needed to get into very tight or limited overhead access locations)
  • (3) On-location prep vans – stocked with prep supplies, tools, compressed air, spares, GoJacks, and mobile pressure washer (if required).

The continually changing Federal DOT requirements and California environmental regulations surrounding the transportation industry make this part of the business particularly challenging. Our company is constantly adapting to the new rules with continuous training of drivers in areas of safety and log book compliance. Our driver logs are reviewed systematically and any potential problems are addressed with each driver in a monthly review.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has begun enforcement of the installation of diesel particulate filters on all existing diesel vehicles operating in the state. Random check points and denial of entry into the Port of Los Angeles for non-CARB compliant trucks has become routine. SWE Auto Prep is enrolled in the CARB approved upgrade program and has already retrofitted the vehicles in its fleet to comply with program requirements.

This compliance comes with a price tag, but our goal is to meet the same standards of compliance that our clients are required to meet. It is SWE Auto Prep’s intention that our clients will never be threatened or embarrassed by a legal, labor, or environmental issue due to non-compliance on the part of one of their vendors.

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