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Driving for the camera requires its own unique set of skills – it’s not about winning the race but rather getting the shot. The team at SWE Auto Prep can supply you with experienced drivers and stunt coordinators who have worked on thousands of television commercials and hundreds of movies.

Stunt Coordination, Stunt Drivers, Stunt Rigging:

Shelly Ward himself is a 36-year veteran stunt coordinator and commercial driver. Shelly has built hundreds of vehicles for stunts and knows this side of the industry from start to finish. Assembling the ideal team of drivers and camera cars based on the requirements of the performance is another of our in-house specialties. Safety is always top priority on this side of the business and is foremost in Shelly’s approach to coordinating a stunt.  Even a seemingly routine shot involving close proximity to camera, camera car, actors, or high speed maneuvers is closely examined to ensure the highest level of safety for all involved, including the drivers, spectators and vehicles. Shelly has detailed knowledge of nearly every race track in the U.S. and each track’s suitability for the shoot requirements. Additionally, Shelly can recommend the best locations for snow, ice, sand, and other off-road and extreme weather conditions for demonstrating a vehicle’s unique features and capabilities.

Some of Shelly’s Recent Stunt Coordination & Performance Driving Work