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Our History

Every successful entrepreneurial company bears the indelible mark of its founder. SWE Auto Prep is no exception. Shelly’s unique background gave the company a decidedly different twist and ethos. Shelly literally grew up in the world of production. That exposure, coupled with a serious involvement in motor sports, led to a competitive, performance-driven approach to all phases of the business.

Shelly honed his driving skills through motor sports. His exposure to the world of production opened the door for his driving to lead to a successful business. His innate entrepreneurial inclination made the founding of a full-service prep and transport company almost inevitable. He recognized the opportunity for dependable, skilled prep and transport for advertising production. He realized that precision driving and car prep were a natural fit, each adding unique value for the benefit of our clients. Shelly founded SWE in 1978 to answer that demand. It turned out to be a winning formula.

Shelly learned early on that he likes to win. What does it take to win in this highly specialized and competitive industry? It takes the ability, will and dedication to anticipate the clients’ needs, meet and exceed them consistently over time with no drama. This is evidenced in everything we do from the immaculate condition of our transports, the tireless attitude of our technicians to even the systems within the company to deliver unparalleled client service.

Probably the greatest validation of Shelly’s vision is that our first major client, Mercedes Benz, acquired in 1978 is still with us after all these years. No other prep company can make a claim like this. Through multiple agency changes and countless personnel shifts at the manufacturer/distributor, we’ve remained as their prep and transport resource. Premium brands tend to do business with premium brands.

Why use SWE Auto Prep?

The industry has changed over the last three decades, largely due to technology, and SWE Auto Prep has embraced those changes. Some things will never change: our commitment to the best service in the industry before, during and after production. Yesterday’s values are maintained and ongoing challenges are met with ever-evolving tools and techniques.

Of course, the cars are always the heroes of every production. We know that. Our clients expect nothing less. Without complete confidence in our work prepping cars in the shop and our expertise attending them on location nothing else really matters. We’ll never be distracted from that fact, but that is just the start.

An important service, actually a product, we provide is information informed by our experience and judgment. Whether that information is in the form of an estimate, a status report during production, or even a final invoice, we relentlessly strive to deliver that product in such a timely way that the utility of that information is enhanced. This facilitates thorough consideration of options pre-production and during production. Post-production, we help ensure all available resources are allocated as efficiently as possible to reconcile every job. In other words, we don’t tie the job up, we expedite its responsible closing. It’s been brought to our attention that our adherence to the fundamentals of sound business practice and client service is unique in our industry.

Another major point of differentiation for us is that we understand how unbelievably busy our clients are. We respect their time. We know they require flawless performance from us. We get the fact that they have much more to think about than the cars and logistics. They expect us to handle that and they appreciate that we always get it done without requiring a fanfare. We’re virtually always available (through technology), but never intrusive.

Recently, exemplifying our enthusiastic adoption of the latest web and cloud technologies, we have opened a second location in Austin, Texas with strategic alliances in Dallas. Our direct client interface in Los Angeles with dedicated administrative support in Austin enables unmatched efficiency in administration, budget and financial management. We can react faster in bidding, plan and accurately track jobs in progress in real time delivering final billing like no other.

Another benefit of our new location in this high-tech community is our ability to provide full prep and transport services for film and photo projects at the Circuit of Americas F1 track in Austin.

We were also able to stage a major film shoot in New Orleans from our facilities in Texas. This ability saved the client considerably in time and expense.

We expect our presence in Texas will continue to grow and strengthen our base here in Los Angeles.